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Bid More Projects
& Increase Revenue

With our accurate, fast, cost effective and high-quality Quantity Takeoffs and Estimates

ProSource Allows Your Construction Company To

Affordably streamline the bidding process with construction quantity takeoffs that allows our customers to bid more jobs and increase revenue.

Construction Takeoffs & Estimating

Our team of experienced Quantity Takeoff Estimators know the challenges of running a business and still having to bid jobs. Sometimes it feels like it’s almost impossible.



We’ve developed a turnkey Quantity Takeoff solution utilizing state-of-the-art resources so we can quickly calculate construction project quantities and materials to help you to quickly and accurately bid projects and increase revenue.

Construction Engineer

Benefits of Outsourcing Construction Cost Takeoffs

Are you missing out on projects because you don’t have time to perform your construction quantity takeoffs and finalize your estimates?


Many of our clients are working late trying to bid projects and create accurate Construction Takeoffs and to win jobs. It’s almost impossible to focus on projects during the day when there are distractions on the job site!


We specialize in working with Construction Contractors and Developers. Our team of seasoned quantity takeoff estimators will quickly and accurately complete takeoff quantities for all of your projects!


To get started, click on the link below to send us your project by completing the form and uploading your project documents. We’ll review and send you a construction takeoff quote within 24 hours.

Who We Are

About Our Company

ProSource is a Construction Takeoff Company in the business of helping contractors win projects and increase revenue.

We provide Construction Cost Takeoffs for your entire project based on local pricing and standards.

Most contractors are so busy running their job sites that they NEGLECT accurate Construction Takeoffs.  You’re supervising jobs, making deliveries, going to job site meetings, and the only time to work on Takeoffs is NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

25 +

Years of Experience

1,500 +

Projects Completed

135 +

Business Partners

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We provide accurate and affordable Quantity Takeoff services and construction Estimating support services to all organizations in the construction industry, specializing in all construction services, trades and divisions. 

Increase Efficiency

Do more in less time — we help streamline your Quantity Takeoff and Construction Estimating processes.

Decrease Overhead

Partnering with us is a more cost-effective solution than taking on additional employee workload and overhead.

Maximize Productivity

Enable your current staff to focus on more important tasks while still increasing revenue without increased overhead and expense.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with accurate, thorough, and detailed Construction Cost Takeoffs.


Our streamlined construction takeoff process allows us to turn projects around quickly, without compromising quality.


Our team utilizes the most advanced software and tools available, ensuring accuracy and value for all of your takeoff needs.

What We do

Our Projects

Our team has been a part of the construction of the following projects. They’ve served as either an Owner Representative, Project Manager, Building Cost Estimator, or Superintendent.

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